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Pond Snails

             Black Japanese Trapdoor Snail (Viviparis maleatus): We can ship pond snails right along with your plant order. We ship the trapdoor pond snails with extra oxygen to ensure their live arrival to your home. Our trapdoor pond snails are available year round. These little guys make a great pond cleaner. Trapdoor pond snails only give birth to approximately 10-15 baby snails in their lifetime.
             We ship the trapdoor snails in oxygen filled bags with wet newspaper. This method allows the snails to have an air supply which will last several days. Once the snails are delivered, it is best to get the trapdoor snails into fresh water in a cool shaded area either in a bucket or in your pond. The trapdoor snails will most likely appear lifeless initially and may even float. This does not mean that your pond snails are dead. The snails will take time to adjust after being bounced around during shipping and in the process may have trapped air in their shells. Once the snails open their trapdoors and release the air, the snails will sink to the bottom of your pond. If you believe that your snails did not survive shipping put them into a bucket of water in a cool area and contact us within a week of arrival.

Price: $25 for 10